Black Pearl Sings!

Stage Manager
Feb. 06, 2015 to Feb. 22, 2015


  • "Theatre in the Park's staging of this 2007 two-character piece offers some powerful musical performances and a moving story...." News & Observer (PDF)
  • "The fact that all of these things are taken care of so perfectly allows the story, the characters, and the rich script, which explores identity, femininity, the search for self, and issues of class and race, the chance to shine in the brilliant way they deserve." Triangle Arts and Entertainment (PDF)
When Susannah, a white woman from a privileged New York family, hears Pearl singing in a Texas high-security lockup, she knows she’s tapped a rich vein of treasured music reaching into the past. She wants the songs, but Pearl needs something from her in return. As the two negotiate an exchange, their friendship grows. Susannah bargains for Pearl’s parole and arranges for several public performances. Soon, though, the two women soon find themselves walking a delicate line between exposure and exploitation.
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