The Will Rogers Follies

Assistant Stage Manager / Deck Chief
Aug. 03, 2016 to Aug. 21, 2016


  • "Director Chisholm excels at staging the big song and dance numbers that buoy the show when Rogers' impressive but familiar story, which takes him from the plains of Oklahoma to the stages of vaudeville and the screens of Hollywood, lags." Star News (PDF)
  • "Debbie Scheu produces an incredible number of varied and eye-poppingly beautiful costumes. From cowboys to actual cows to jeweled dancers, she and set designer Terry Collins have created a lush and beautiful visual feast." Encore (PDF)
A show about Will Rogers, an unique American, who, though he died in 1935, remains a beloved figure remembered for his humor, his wisdom, and his just plain common sense. At the heart of his populist philosophy was his most famous statement: “I never met a man I didn’t like.” Rogers became the biggest, most popular, and highest paid star of every existing medium of his time: stage, screen, radio, newspapers, and public appearances.
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